Operating in Ukraine since 2004. Get the facts for free "Link to Free Services pageFree Services" before you spend your time and money or leave with broken heart. We do not need your visa card or advanced money. The US embassy in Kiev warns of wide spread scams [Link to REFERENCES page1]. You may well be the next victim & you do not know about it. We have gathered our own database on most girls whose profiles are with dating sites. Your date may well be praying on you & you may be oblivious to it. Our data suggest you need to exercise great care & caution with any online dates especially if the age difference between you two is high. Avoid professional daters & first class escort services women who pose as potential brides.
Common excuses of online dates to get money are
  • Lost or about to lose her job
  • Money is not enough because of inflation & war in Ukraine
  • My parent is sick & I do not have money to buy medicine
  • Food prices were doubled recently but salaries remain the same
  • I would like to immigrate to another country, no life in Ukraine
  • Need money to apply for a visa or buy tickets
  • I am looking for a husband to take care of
  • The list goes on and on.
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    What to expect from your online dates
  • Lying and Deception are the norm,
  • Their goal is money, travel, residency visa, and gifts.
  • Hiding the past including hiding their children from their dates
  • Make minor changes to their names to avoid being tracked
  • STD is very common especially in Kiev and Odessa
  • Dating multiple men at the same time & you are oblivious to it
  • Some are married or have boyfriends but still date for money
  • They are skillful to gain your trust first.
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    Avoid all this hassle by receiving Free Services information on your online date. E-mail us her full name (assuming it is correct) or a link to her profile and we will e-mail you the information we have on our database. Do not take our wards for it & you make the call when you read on her. If you are happy with this free information, then you may consider our Paid Services. No striges are attached. We do not need your visa card or any money in advance.

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